Doctor: Local Breast Cancer Research May Be ‘Wave of the Future’

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CLEVELAND – A local doctor says her new research may be the “wave of the future” in the fight against breast cancer.

University Hospitals’ Dr. Lyndsay Harris is starting a new research study involving breast cancer genomics.

The research will allow doctors to find the abnormal genes in a patient’s tumor and give them proper care. About 160 patients will be involved in the research, set to launch in the spring.

“It’s a very new and cutting edge type of research that allows us to use all of the discoveries in the field of genetics and genomics and bring that to our patients to really help them be more personalized in their treatment approaches,” Harris said.

Harris, director of breast cancer research at Seidman Center, says this research will likely lead to better treatment. It’s been used – and has the potential – to help people fighting others types of cancers, she said.

“We’ve come a long way in our ability to cure breast cancer,” Harris said. “From when I began 20 years ago to now, I think our cure rates have dramatically improved, but what we know is that there is still room to improve. And, really being able to personalize the therapy is the key to, you know, helping the individual patient not only improve cure rates but to reduce the side effects of treatment.”