Browns Introduce Joe Banner as New CEO

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BEREA, Ohio -- Jimmy Haslam had his coming out party as a new owner of the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday. On Wednesday morning he introduced the executive who will call the shots for the Browns.

Joe Banner, the former president of the Philadelphia Eagles got his first taste of being in front of the Cleveland media when he spoke in the Dino Lucarelli Media Center.

He said, "It's impossible to exaggerate how happy I am to take this job. The fans here are incredibly passionate." He went on to say he hopes to find people who are very hard-working and work for a common goal.

Banner, 59, has an economics degree from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, but his so-called football degree has been earned while guiding the Eagles to the playoffs 11 of the 17 years he spent in that city.

Many of the coaches he had various times in Philly are working in Berea, such as head coach Pat Shurmur, offensive coordinator Brad Childress, and defensive coordinator Dick Jauron. They will all be under the gun the final 10 games as Banner sets up shop under Haslam.

Banner said things will evolve when asked if he will be intimately involved in the day-to-day football operations, such as picking the players, etc.

Tom Heckert, who also worked with Banner in Philadelphia, is handling that, and reports state he is uncertain of his status after this season. Banner is known as a tough negotiator, who knows all the angles on the salary cap.

Banner began his post college career as a sports producer and radio reporter at WCAU radio in Philadelphia. He is married with 3 children.

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