Katherine Thomas Elementary is a Cool School!

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WINDHAM, Ohio --  Lots of excitement at Katherine Thomas Elementary in Windham after being named this week's Fox 8 Cool School.  Staff, students and parents are bursting with pride -- bomber pride. They say they have the best students, the best teachers and that's why they are the best school. "I think it's a cool school because we work hard and we try our best," said 5th grader Kammie Kiser.

With just over 300 students in Pre-K through 5th Grade, being a small school is seen as a plus at Katherine Thomas.  It's like a village. Everyone knows everyone. "My kindergarten teacher had me, my older brother, my mom and my grandma," 5th Grader Darah Fall said.

The motto is children and learning come first. Principal Harry Selner believes the variety of programs sets Katherine Thomas apart from other elementary schools. "We have a Spanish program for pre-school and kindergarten and first grade, which is very innovative, I think."  He also said they have flexible grouping which puts students in small groups for reading. "So we can meet more individual needs," Principal Selner added.

Technology is incorporated in all classes and for all students. 

Principal Selner said Katherine Thomas Elementary students are on a path to continued academic improvement. Innovative programs, technology and individual attention for students -- just some of the reasons that make Katherine Thomas Elementary such a Cool School.

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