Cops: Heroin Seized From Rapper’s Bus

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SIERRA BLANCA, Texas — You can add one more celebrity name to the list of stars involved in drug busts at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas.

According to TMZ, rapper Nelly was among seven people detained Wednesday night when his tour bus was stopped at the border patrol checkpoint.

Law enforcement sources say a police canine detected the presence of drugs. A sweep of the bus uncovered 36 small baggies of heroin and more than ten pounds of marijuana inside a large green duffel bag. Police say they also found a loaded .45 caliber pistol.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that one of the passengers, Brian Keith Jones, admitted the drugs and gun were his. He was arrested.

Nelly and the remaining five were let go.

Other celebrities busted for drugs at the same checkpoint include Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Fiona Apple.

*You can read more about the drug bust on TMZ

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