Man Found Guilty of Luring Kids into Woods

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Kevin Gallagher (Photo Credit: Fox 8 News video still)

MENTOR, Ohio — A man was convicted earlier this week of luring several children into the woods and threatening to sexually assault one of them.

Kevin Gallagher, 53, of Mentor, pleaded no contest to three counts of criminal child enticement Monday in Mentor Municipal Court.

He was found guilty on all counts.

Mentor police say Gallagher lured four children, ages 6 to 10, into the woods near the Western Reserve Condominium complex back in July.

Once there, Gallagher told an 8-year-old boy that he was going to remove his clothes and “rape him,” police said.

Gallagher was getting undressed when the mother of one boy called out to him to come home. That was enough to scare Gallagher away, but the incident left the families terrified.

Gallagher was fined $250 and ordered to serve 36 months in probation, 109 days in Lake County Jail and undergo counseling. He’s also not allowed to have contact with any of the victims.

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