Man Explains ‘Bullying’ Caught on Video

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CANTON, Ohio -- Bill Bailey said he and his family's life has changed drastically since Monday, the day the video of him and his son appeared on the news. 

The East Sparta father of five said he has received death threats and had to put up no trespassing signs in his yard.

Bailey's neighbors, Tricia and Mike Knight, said they believe Bailey, 43, was mocking the way their 10-year-old daughter, Hope, walks.  She has cerebral palsy.

"Hope, I did not make fun of Hope," said Bailey.  "I would take a bullet to the head right now if you think I am making fun of Hope.  I love that girl, I love that whole family."

Bailey said the two families have been feuding for several weeks and that Hope's family has called his 9-year-old son names.    

"Well, dad is right there behind him," Bailey said. "When I was brought up, my mom stood up behind me through thick and thin.  If I was in the wrong, she was still there for me. I am there for my son no matter what."

He said last Tuesday when the video was shot he was recovering from a fall that happened the night before.

"It was a leg injury and when you hit so hard your ribs get bruised," Bailey said.  "It was  bruised, I was holding it in for pressure. Anyone who has had bruised ribs knows they hurt you every time you flinch." 

When asked why his son was walking the same way, he said he has told him to walk that way.

"Everybody will think we are ******* together," Bailey said.  

Fox 8 News did not write the word Bailey used because some may find it offensive.

Both families have called the sheriff's department several times and filed complaints with the prosecutor's office.   

"I regretted it 10 minutes after I got home because I knew what they were going to turn it into," Bailey said. "I apologize.  My wife is not happy with me over that."

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