Elyria Man Posts Sign Warning Burglars

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ELYRIA, Ohio -- Scott Kanuch is mad, armed, and taking a stand against the burglars that stole from him and dozens of other Elyria residents.

He put up a sign in his front yard that reads, "Wanted:  Dead or Alive, the Thieves that Robbed My Home - Cash Reward."

Kanuch said he is not serious about wanting the burglars dead, but he is serious about offering a large cash reward for their capture.

In February, burglars broke into his home and stole about $40,000 worth of collectables.

"You are looking at 35 years of collecting stuff. Some of this stuff is irreplaceable," Kanuch said.

He said they stole about 2,000 Zippo lighters and a grandfather clock.

"They stole my gold pocket watches, my silver dollars and broke into my gun cabinet and stole my guns," Kanuch said.

Elyria police reported more than 45 home burglaries in just the past two weeks.

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They believe the suspects are likely drug addicts looking for quick money.

Kanuch said the sign is not just a message to the thieves who broke into his home, but a message to all the burglars out there, letting them know the community is fed up with the break-ins.

"And I'm serious about protecting my property now," Kanuch said.

Kanuch has a message for the crooks.

"I want to say ‘beware,’ because the homeowners are fed up and there's a chance you are gonna get hurt real bad," Kanuch said.

North Ridgeville has also been plagued by a recent rash of home burglaries.

Monday, North Ridgeville police arrested four juveniles they believe were burglarizing homes.

However, Elyria police believe there are many different people committing the burglaries.