Cops Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher ‘Home Invasion’

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By KTLA News

Lake Hollywood, CA (KTLA) — Police say that a report of a home invasion robbery with shots fired at a home belonging to actor Ashton Kutcher was a hoax.

Police received a teletext message, commonly used by the hearing impaired, from someone who claimed she was hiding in a closet inside the house.

The person claimed “several Russian men with weapons were in the house, that shots had been fired and people were either injured or dead,” according to reports.

Kutcher was taping his show “Two and a Half Men” when the incident happened.

Police responded in force to the hilltop home in the 3000 block of Arrowhead Drive.

Several people were removed from the house, including a man wearing a tool belt and a young blond woman.

Police officials now say the reported ‘intruders’ appear to be maintenance workers.

After interviewing workers, as well as contacting Kutcher himself, LAPD investigators determined the incident was a hoax.

“Officers did their due diligence, pulled everyone out of the house and interviewed and questioned, and found out it was a hoax,” said officer Cleon Joseph.

Investigators believe this was a case of “swatting,” in which a 911 caller aims to get the SWAT team to respond to an alleged crime.

In August, Miley Cyrus was the subject of a similar “swatting” prank, in which a caller claimed the actress had been kidnapped from her Studio City home.

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