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Yearbook Issue Puts Memories in Limbo

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AKRON, Ohio -- "My senior year was awesome.  I loved it.  Every single activity that we did up until the senior picnic was awesome," said Mensura Krkic, a recent graduate of Firestone High School.

But according to Krkic, there is no yearbook to remember it.

"We found out on Facebook through our group for 2012 graduates and we were all asking, 'where is our yearbooks?'" said Krkic.

It's a question with no answer from the yearbook company, Mbrosia, that apparently closed up shop in California.

Now parents are asking the school about the pictures.
"They told us that the California State Attorney General's office is working with the lawyers from the Akron Public School to try and get those digital files back because the high school does not have one.  It's gone!" said Rose Dolin, a parent of a student without a yearbook.

"That's what makes me sad.  I want to go see those pictures.  Like, you have Facebook and stuff, but you have teachers that take random pictures and it would have been awesome to see that," added Krkic.

According to the Principal of Firestone High School, the yearbook advisor noticed a problem over the summer when they lost communication with the company. 

They said they turned everything in on time, and it's an issue with the publisher, not the district.

"It's kid's memories.  It's their high school time that they want to treasure, and we went with a company that successfully gave us a yearbook the year before," said Larry Petry, the principal.

School officials said they didn't notify parents until they explored legal action.

"It was an online process.  Everything was submitted online.  So we don't have the files here in Akron to create the book.  We need them to release them and give them back to us," said Petry.

Until the school gets those images back, the 2011-2012 yearbook can't be printed.

"You get a lot closer to your friends your senior year because you realize you are going to depart from them, so having a yearbook to look back on those memories would be great and now that we aren't getting it, that sucks," said Krkic.

Fox 8 News attempted to reach Mbrosia but the phone line was disconnected.