‘Kaboom’ Written on Pipe Found at City Hall

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AKRON, Ohio -- The Akron City Hall was evacuated Wednesday morning after a suspicious object was located outside council chambers, Fox 8 News has learned.

According to Summit County Deputy Service Director Ronald Williamson, the Bomb Squad, sheriff's office, Akron police and fire departments and ATF responded to the building at around 9 a.m., where everyone inside was ordered to leave.

On the third floor, crews found a 4-foot aluminum pipe with duct-taped ends and the word "Kaboom" written across it, the Akron Fire Department told Fox 8 News. There was also another message that read, "nuisance people have been eliminated."

Fox 8 News reporter Dave Nethers learned the pipe, according to police, was a walking stick for a man who calls himself Natural Hunka Kaboom.

Kaboom's Akron home also had the word Kaboom on the front door, in a message near the side door and on the garage where it read, "Kaboom it folks."

He was not home when Fox 8 News tried to speak with him, but he did talk with police.

"He basically told officers he left (the pipe) there, used it as his walking stick, left it at council when he was at a council meeting Monday night and he forgot about it," said Lt. Rick Edwards with the Akron Police Department.

Employees returned to work about an hour after the initial scare, after K-9s searched the building and the Bomb Squad deemed it safe.

Police said they are convinced the 66-year-old Kaboom never meant to intentionally scare anybody, but investigators said it was still better to be safe than sorry.

Authorities are investigating the incident. No one has been arrested.

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