Family of Girl Mocked on Video Makes Request

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Video of an East Sparta father and his son, allegedly mocking the way a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy walks, has stirred up quite a bit of discussion. 

The video was captured last week at a bus stop. 

Many in the community, which is south of Canton, are rallying behind the girl, Hope Holcomb, and her family. 

Several local businesses and organizations have offered support and gifts for the young girl.      

Hope and her parents, Tricia and Mike Knight, said they are grateful, but what they really want is for bullying to stop.   

"We are getting somewhere with it, so that is good because now other families have a voice," said Mike Knight, Hope's father.

The family, who appeared on the Fox 8 News in the Morning on Wednesday, wore "Stop The Bullying" t-shirts. 

Similar ones are being made at Wild Card Sportswear in Canton. 

The family would like everyone to wear the shirts Tuesday, the day they meet with a Canton Municipal Court prosecutor.

"Because it is just wrong for anybody to be bullied," said Tricia Knight, Hope's mother.  "It is wrong. Like I said, it's not just for Hope, it is for everybody. If we all stand together maybe we can put a stop to it."

The shirts costs $5.85 each. Anyone interested in purchasing one should email and include their name and contact information (including phone number or address).

Hope's family, as well as the man in the video, William Bailey, have filed complaints with the prosecutor's office. 

Bailey has declined to talk on camera, but his wife said this is all part of an ongoing dispute and that Hope's family has also called her son names.

The Baileys live next door to Hope and her family.

Meanwhile, the Canton Local Schools superintendent said the district's main is concern is for the children. 

She also said the district has looked into this situation, and is waiting for the sheriff's department to complete its investigation.   

No criminal charges have been filed.

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