Amazing Animal Stories of the Day

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(Photo Credit: KTLA video still)

Humans aren’t the only ones making headlines. Sometimes, animals take center stage on the news!

Below are three amazing animal stories going viral on the Web today:

Man Pets Giant Whale Shark

A boat captain fishing off the coast of Carrabelle, Florida, got an extreme close-up of a 25-foot whale shark. The giant sea creature hung out for about an hour, and even let the fishermen stroke its back. *Watch below!

Octopus Steals Camera, Beats Up Shark

Researchers off the coast of South Africa dropped a camera to the bottom of the ocean. A curious, pajama cat shark approaches for a look. That’s when a huge octopus roughs up the shark, before removing the camera from its mount! *Watch below!

The Incredible ‘Gumby’ Kitten

A kitty has earned the nickname “Gumby” after an adorable video surfaced on YouTube. The sleeping feline’s arms stay wherever her owner moves them! *Watch below!

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