Burglars Targeting Elyria Neighborhoods

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ELYRIA, OHIO — Police are warning residents to keep their doors and windows locked after 46 home break-ins in the past several weeks.

“They removed the screen, put the screen down. Tried the window, was able to remove the window,” said an Elyria man who only wanted to use his first name, Doug.

A burglar broke into his Elyria home through an unlocked front window.

“Got halfway in when my son came downstairs and saw him and made eye contact,” Doug said.

Luckily the burglar got scared, and took off.

Police records show the burglars are targeting nearly every Elyria neighborhood, at all times of the day and night.

Police said sometimes the residents are home during the break-ins.

The thieves are looking for cash, and not taking TVs or other large items, police said.

In many cases a purse was left where it could be seen from looking in a window.

Police also said in many cases the victims’ doors were unlocked and the thieves just walked in.

A burglar tried to break into Paul Kuebler’s Elyria home, but his home was secure and the thief didn’t get in.

“The two back main doors were locked, and really, I’m surprised that the patio enclosure sliding windows are really secure,” Kuebler said.

Elyria police are warning people to keep their doors locked at all times and keep their first floor windows shut and locked.

Doug said they just forgot to lock a window the night the man broke in.

“But I don’t think we are likely to forget about it anytime soon,” he said.