Federal Agents Arrest 18 in Local Drug Bust

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CLEVELAND -- After months of leads, calls and search warrants federal agents now have 18 men in custody – arrested on cocaine conspiracy charges.  

Derek Williams, 50, of Aurora, was the kingpin. Agents seized $180,000 in cash, mostly from his house along with guns and body armor.   

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Carole Rendon says, “We're not just looking at the city of Cleveland, or the east or west side. We’re looking everywhere. Anywhere these folks are living, working or selling drugs -- we're there.  We're going to keep watching until we get them then we're going to arrest them and they're going to spend a long time in jail. “

Two places in Cleveland seemed to be the hub of drug activity, Dawn’s Market and Deli on St. Clair and “The Meeting Place and Bar” on Hayden.  Both were closed when Fox 8 stopped to question patrons.

Federal investigators say they hope the arrests send a stern message to other drug dealers in northeast Ohio.