Police: Woman Leads Chase in Stolen Tow Truck

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MASSILLON, Ohio -- A Stark County woman faces felony charges for taking police on a high speed chase, ending with a crash into a house.

Sophia Davidson, 21, of Massillon now faces two counts of theft, accused of stealing a tow truck and her repossessed vehicle.  

Ed Meadows with Source One Adjusters spotted the 2004 Mercury Mountaineer in downtown Massillon late Friday morning.  He started the process of taking possession of the vehicle.

"I get the truck strapped onto the vehicle, a couple of safety chains on it.  It’s all wheel drive, I couldn’t tow it at that point," Meadows said. 

That's when Davidson saw what was going on and approached Meadows.

"She basically said 'heck no' so to speak and a few 'whatevers'.” 

Meadows was putting wheel dollies on the tires, so he could tow the SUV away.  But, Meadows said Davidson wasn't about to let that happen. 

“And, I see her get into my truck and at that point – yeah I was kind of dumbfounded. I was half way under the car. And she just stood on the gas and tore off.  We’re talking for lanes of traffic basically lunchtime." 

Meadows said he stood there dumbfounded. 

Massillon police were soon in pursuit. And, it was easy to follow Davidson. She had grinded the tires to the rim, leaving behind skid marks and divets in the road. Davidson eluded police for more than seven miles before losing control of the tow truck and crashing into a house on Orrville Street in Massillon. Police say the house is vacant and no one was injured.  But, there was extensive damage done to the house, the tow truck and the SUV. 

Meadows remains stunned over what happened. 

“She committed a crime. She committed a serious crime.  She could have killed a lot of people. In the seconds I saw her tear away from my truck, how many people’s lives were in danger at that point?" he said. 

Police say Davidson faces several felony charges for the ordeal.