Star, Firefighter at Odds Over NYC Bathroom

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NEW YORK — A star accused in two separate hit-and-run incidents is now being blamed for a much less severe offense — hogging a public bathroom.

According to an E! Online’s source, Amanda Bynes visited “Little Cupcake Bake Shop” in New York City for over two hours, during which time she used the facility “for a substantial amount of time.”

The issue came to a head when a firefighter had to use it, too.

Despite his knocks, Bynes could not hear because of her headphones, E! Online said.

The firefighter reportedly wanted to kick down the door, but Bynes emerged before the police gave permission.

She apologized and explained she was just putting on makeup.

A witness told E! Online the actress wasn’t acting odd, just wanted a little privacy.

Bynes has pleaded not guilty to her hit-and-run charges.

(E! Online / NDN)

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