Romney in Ohio Focuses on Manufacturing, Jobs

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BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Governor Mitt Romney stopped in Northeast Ohio on Wednesday afternoon to host a manufacturing roundtable with local business leaders at the American Spring Wire Corp. in Bedford Heights.

It was all part of the three-day "Romney-Ryan Plan For A Stronger Middle Class" bus tour across the State of Ohio.

Earlier in the day, Romney's tour bus stopped in Columbus before moving on to Cleveland.

Romney's roundtable discussion focused on manufacturing and local jobs.

Mike Rowe, of the Discovery Channel's 'Dirty Jobs,' was invited to speak at the event as well.

The Romney campaign said it is focusing on the economy, which is something local voters are buying.

"I think he will fix the economy and I think he will be better for foreign affairs," said Orville Kist, of Euclid.

"I hope he overturns Obamacare and he will be a president that honors the Constitution," said Janice Sorensen, of Stowe.

"I feel that he has good methods to fix the economy.  He need something new in this country, but not something radical that will tear this country down," said RoseMary Jones, of Cleveland.

After a stop in Cleveland, Romney's bus tour will head to Toledo.

Both Romney and President Barack Obama realize how critical the State of Ohio is to the election.

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