President Obama Visits Bowling Green, Kent

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KENT, Ohio – President Barack Obama’s job approval rating jumped to 52 percent after the Democratic National Convention earlier this month – the highest that he’s had in nearly 15 months.

The president made two pit-stops in the Buckeye state Wednesday, first at Bowling Green State University and later at Kent State University. Officials estimate at least 6,600 people attended his speech in Kent.

“This is huge for the Democratic Party, and you know, for our efforts to make sure that democrats win up and down the ticket,” said Rep. Kathleen Clyde, who represents Ohio’s 68th District. “It really means a lot to the students here at Kent State and to all the residents in Portage County, about our president caring about us and being for the middle class and to wanting us all to succeed and to turn our economy around.”

In the last few weeks leading up to the election, many say the final appearances are important, especially for Republican opponent Mitt Romney. No Republican candidate has been elected president without winning Ohio.

“Votes in Ohio weigh a lot for the entire nation, and so it’s obvious they spend a lot of time here campaigning,” said Guillauma Muller-Greven, a college senior at Kent State. “And so it’s really important that people get involved, make sure their opinion is heard, and when they get to the polls, make a decision.”

Muller-Greven listened to President Obama four years ago, just days before he was elected into office.

“It was great and totally worth seeing him the first time. I hope he addresses human rights, in terms of women’s right and gay rights, trying to end wars.” Muller-Greven said,” There’s a lot of stuff going on in this country economically that a lot of people want to know.”

Despite what appears to be President Obama’s lead in the polls, supports say these final weeks are pivotal to clinching another term.

“It’s exciting,” said Evan Gildenblatt, Kent State student body president. “I think that everybody on this campus, you know, is excited, regardless of their political affiliation, to see the President of the United States come to our beautiful campus in our wonderful city.”

Overall, the president has made 29 visits, including Wednesday's stops, to the state of Ohio.

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