Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (9/26)

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Stefani Schaefer

Fox 8 News in the Morning anchor Stefani Schaefer offered an update on her husband’s condition on Wednesday.

Roger is recovering from an April accident when he fell off of scaffolding and was severely injured.

Stefani has included viewers in her family’s journey as they support Roger and pray for his recovery.

Below is the message as it was posted on Stefani’s Facebook fan page.

“It’s been awhile since my last update and post about Roger. I am so sorry. It seems like I have been running in a million different directions and trying to balance it all… that time just gets away from me. I received so many emails to my work account here at the station after last week’s update on the air – beautiful emails of support, prayers and inspiration – Thank You! Last week was just one of those weeks for me. Since April 27, I have had days where I wake up crying…. and go to bed in tears. Then, I have those amazing days of strength where I feel confident in Roger’s healing. Last week, from start to finish, from Monday to Friday, the tears never stopped. We are so blessed and are so thankful to God that He saved Roger on that April 27th day and has continued to fight for him during the weeks he was in a coma, endured numerous infections, a blood clot and other setbacks. I look at Roger… and think, you are tougher than I ever even thought – and in my eyes, for 15 years, there was never anyone tougher or more of a fighter or lover of life than Roger. He appreciated all the wonderful blessings in life. He celebrated them. The one thing Roger liked to do more than anything was research vacations. He would read everything he could about countries, cities, and places he had always wanted to visit. For Roger, the planning was just about as good as the actual trip. He would always say to me… I live for those trips because I make memories with my family on those trips and those I will have forever “right up here” (in his mind). Last week, it hit me, with the loss of Roger’s memory…. he doesn’t have those… those precious memories that Roger loved to to create are all wiped away. He doesn’t remember all those memories and good times he created with his friends in his 20’s and 30’s – living in LA, skiing out west, diving the Great Barrier Reef, Climbing the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Bungee Jumping in Australia. Then, after we met… the trip he took me on to St. Lucia (when he thought and planned for months how he would propose… by putting the engagement ring in a shell and giving it to me while we were scuba diving). Our wedding in Hawaii… and all the special places we took our children to over the last 10 years. For Roger, not remembering those vacations weren’t just vacations… they were THE time he liked best to create memories with his loved ones. Those trips he cherished and held so closely are gone. He doesn’t remember a thing. He doesn’t remember falling in love, or the day our son and daughter were born, or how we chose their names, bringing them home from the hospital, Race’s first steps, Siena’s first loose tooth, saying goodbye to our dear golden retriever, Gunner – or choosing our new puppy, Gunner 2, celebrating birthdays, good report cards, and holding each other during those not so good times. It’s all been erased… every single thing. Erased, I pray, for the time being. I have to believe that it is all still in there tucked deep inside. I have to keep believing that. I still have so much hope and faith in God that HE can make those connections in Roger’s brain, HE can bring Roger back to us. My friends say… well, you make new memories. But right now, Roger’s brain isn’t allowing for that either. Nothing sticks right now. There is zero short term memory. Roger is truly living in the moment… in the exact second… and then it is gone. As I have said on the air, when he talks, most of it doesn’t make sense… the words are in his head, but they are not coming out the right way. Roger is still in intense brain therapy rehabilitation… and I see progress. It’s slow… sometimes just so painstakingly slow… but it’s progress… it’s moving forward and I am so thankful to God for that. Last week, when I broke down in tears on the air… I think it was such a combination of so many things. I miss my husband and best friend. I ache for a normal conversation with Roger and I get lost in wondering if I will ever have that again. I feel so badly for him that he is going through all of this. I am exhausted… wearing all of the hats. I said I became a single parent in an instant – with double the duties in half the time, since I would spend all day at the hospital. I would then come home at night and need to take care of the kids, clean the house, grocery shop, make dinner, go through emails, mail, all those daily things. I am exhausted… from the stress, not sleeping and intense pain of this experience. But… most of all, I am watching my children in pain. It’s so hard for me to process what has happened and Roger’s current loss of cognitive function, that I have no idea how a 10 and 12 year old are processing all of this. Their entire life, all they have known, has been turned upside down. Their best buddy and father sometimes doesn’t know who they are and can’t say their names most of the time. Their mom, who used to be so full of life and positve, has crumbled and is full of grief and sadness. So, last week, on the air when I broke down.. it was ALL of those things. My faith is as strong as it’s ever been … I have never doubted God or my faith – never once through all of this – NOT ONCE. But there are times, that I am lost as to where this is all going to go. I am heartbroken for my children as I see them struggle with their sadness and heartbreak… it just kills me. Roger’s doctors can’t give me any answers as to how his recovery will go. With traumatic brain injury… you just don’t know. Every injury I am learning, is different and Roger’s was very severe. (Roger fell from 12 feet and hit the back and side of his head, crushing the bones and the doctors could tell when they took off his skull, that at impact, his brain rebounded, and hit the inside of his skull four times – damaging the frontal and temporal lobes – thus damaging all areas to the brain) So, when I get down…. and feel so low, I try to remember where we started back on April 27th, and remember one of Roger’s trauma doctors telling me several weeks into the coma… “now we have to wait and see if he ever wakes up.” Those words ring in my mind all the time as I look at my husband flash me a smile… and I am so appreciative that he has indeed… awoken from that coma… and he is here to smile, to hold, to kiss and to love. That….. is the greatest blessing for us…. as we continue along this journey… a journey filled with hope… and a great deal of FAITH…. and so much appreciation to all of you for your love, support and for all your AWESOME prayers!”


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