Police Search for Store Clerk’s Killers

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CLEVELAND -- Ya Ya Market owner Ayed Kaneen clearly remembers seeing his clerk shot to death Tuesday night by one of two robbers.

The clerk, Duane Jacobs, 57, was shot and died from his injuries.

He leaves behind a wife, adult children and grandchildren, family friends said.

The two armed gunmen tried to rob the Union Avenue store at about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

"There was two of them. One of them, I shot at him, and he was shooting at me back and forth but then he run, but then I caught the guy and tell him 'Get on the floor,' and I was having full control of him, there was nobody in the store," Kaneen said, adding Jacobs was back in the cooler when the robbers came in.

He said Jacobs came out of the cooler and into the front of the store just as the robber with the gun came back into the store and opened fire, shooting Jacobs.

The store owner said he recognized the robber; they robbed him a few weeks ago.

"I can't describe how my feelings are hurt. Why? Just why?"  Kaneen said.

People in the area are sad and upset over Jacobs' death.

"And to die at work? That tells you what kind of person he was. He died at work,” Sherry Lawrence said.

"Cool dude. Didn't bother nobody, just a family provider and this is a senseless crime that should have never happened," Kenny Walker said.

Police said the two men fled in a grey van.

Anyone with information on the shooters is asked to call Cleveland Police at (216) 623-5464.

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