Obama, Romney Blaze Campaign Trail in Ohio

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CLEVELAND -- The race to the White House was alive and well in Ohio Wednesday, where both President Obama and Mitt Romney made their rounds on the campaign trail.

Romney hosted a manufacturing roundtable with local business leaders at the American Spring Wire Corp. in Bedford Heights.

It was all part of the three-day “Romney-Ryan Plan for a Stronger Middle Class” bus tour across the State of Ohio.

The Romney campaign said it is focusing on the economy, which is something local voters are buying.

“I think he will fix the economy and I think he will be better for foreign affairs,” said Orville Kist, of Euclid.

“I hope he overturns Obamacare and he will be a president that honors the Constitution,” said Janice Sorensen, of Stowe.

In Kent, supporters waited for hours outside along the sidewalk on the campus of Kent State University in the cold rain to see President Barack Obama.

Sixty-six hundred young men and women started filling the Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center around 3:30 pm Wednesday afternoon.

By the time the President took the stage about two hours later, the crowd was overly excited, chanting and even doing the “wave.”

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Jason Watkins.

During the thirty minute speech the president mentioned his Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s negative attack ads, and he disputed every claim.

Mr. Obama said he has helped created 182,800 new jobs since being elected with 2,000 new jobs in Portage County.

He ended the war in Iraq, taking care of Osama Bin Laden, passed health care reform and helped save  the auto industry.

“Today the American auto industry has come roaring back with 250 thousand new jobs,” said President Obama.

The president said he isn’t fighting to create Democratic jobs or Republican jobs but American jobs.

The president told the crowd that contrary to Republican claims, he’s been tough on unfair trade practices and filed more unfair trade cases in one term than his predecessor did in two terms.

“So now you’ve got a choice, give more taxes to companies who ship jobs overseas or reward companies with plants here in Ohio,” said Mr. Obama.

He wants young people to feel confident about the future and says Americas problems can be solve.

He wants America to export more products, control our own energy, keep the military strong, recruit 100,000 math and science teachers, and make sure everyone gets a good education.

He plans to reduce the deficit by raising taxes on the wealthiest American households earning over $250,000 while keeping  tax breaks  for the middle class, like the “Payroll Tax Credit,” and “Making Work Pay Tax Credit,” which he says have provided millions of dollars of relief for working families.

“This country succeeds when the middle class is growing,” said Mr. Obama.

This was the president's 13th visit to the buckeye state this year, and 29th since being elected.

He says he will need Ohioans support this November to continue what he started.

The president reminded everyone to register to vote by Oct. 9th and that early voting begins in Ohio on Oct. 2nd.  He ended his speech saying “Thank you Ohio. God Bless you.”