Man Arrested in Domestic Dispute Over Gerbils

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ERIE COUNTY, Ohio — Police arrested a man for allegedly assaulting his 10-year-old son and his son’s mother over missing gerbils Sunday.

According to police, the woman and her son returned from vacation to find a broken window in the back of their home and the boy’s gerbils missing. The police report states she then got into a verbal argument with the boy’s father Jeffrey Facemire, 42, who reportedly spit in her face, and the altercation turned physical. He also allegedly hit the boy in the face.

Police say the woman and her son fled the home in a vehicle, and Facemire threw a kitchen knife at the car as she drove away.

Facemire was arrested and charged with domestic violence and disrupting public service.

He was arraigned in Vermilion Municipal Court on Tuesday.