PICTURES: National Breakfast Month

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By Emily Smith, CNN

(CNN) — September is National Breakfast Month!

Yet, most of us skip breakfast. Often we don’t have time, or energy to make something nutritious and filling.

A traditional breakfast will probably look different depending on where you live. In the Northeast you might be eating a bagel with lox, in the Southwest, make it a black bean and egg burrito. In the south you might be having country ham and grits. The beauty about breakfast is that it’s completely customizable, and it’s one of the few meals we want to eat any time of the day, and where dessert passes for an entrĂ©e.

If you don’t have time to whip up some bacon and eggs in the morning, try something portable (like whole wheat toast with your favorite spread), or that’s easy to eat as you get ready (like yogurt and granola thinned out with a little milk). Having a good breakfast will really help keep you on your A-game during the day.

If I have the time, my favorite dish to make for breakfast is a two-fer. It cleans out the fridge and it’s yummy. I use whatever I’ve got still sitting in my fridge (leftovers, half an onion, that end of cheese) and turn it into a frittata. A frittata is akin to an open-faced omelet. You cook down all of your ingredients and then cover them with beaten eggs. The mixture cooks on the stove top until almost set and then it finished under the broiler to get a golden brown top.

Typically I’ll cook a salty meat first (bacon works well here obviously but pancetta or chorizo are both wonderful) and use its rendered fat to cook the rest of the ingredients in. A frittata should have a good balance of flavors and textures. I try adding potato, a pepper maybe, something spicy (even if it’s just red pepper flakes) and a little bit of cheese. I usually put the cheese in the egg mixture so it’s easier to distribute evenly.

Making breakfast can be a pain, but if you get into the habit of it, a little bit of effort goes a long way. And you could have a cleaned out fridge. Bonus!

Got a favorite way to eat your morning meal? Share it in the comments below.