Rudy Ruettiger Shares His Story

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Rudy Ruettiger became an inspiration for millions when his story was featured in a Hollywood movie, which depicted his life as a struggling Notre Dame football player.

The film went on to become one of the most influential sports movies ever made.

Now, Rudy is telling his own story.

In fact, that's the title of his book: Rudy: My Story.

It's a real-life testament to the adversity Rudy encountered through school, and at Notre Dame.

But it's full of hope, too.

Rudy gives a detailed portrayal of how determination and persistence pays off.

If you want to meet Rudy in person, he'll be in Fairview Park today for a book signing.

Those interested in attending should head to Books-A-Million at 4 p.m., located at 3230 Westgate.

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