Guardsman Returns Home to Serve City

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CLEVELAND -- A Cleveland police officer returned to serving the city after serving our country. 

Officer David Lam is back to patrolling Cleveland's Second District. 

He's been with the police force since 2008. 

The 26-year-old officer was laid off in May of last year. 

He got called back in December, but couldn't return.

That's when he was called up by the Ohio Army National Guard. 

He has just returned after serving a nine-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Lam is a First Lieutenant with the National Guard and was part of a security force assistance team.

"We helped train and mentor the Afghan uniformed police," Lam said. 

Officer Lam has devoted his whole life to public service.  He said he is driven by a sense of patriotism. 

"I wanted to do something that I enjoyed.  And, it's definitely a fulfilling career - both on the military and the city side," he said.

He said he knew his job would be there once he returned from Afghanistan.  He welcomes getting back to serving the citizens on the west side of Cleveland.

"It's definitely a diverse neighborhood.  So, definitely enjoy going back and interacting with the citizens, and trying to help them out when I can," he added. 

Officer Lam finds it both gratifying to serve overseas and to serve back in Cleveland. 

But, his most important role is being a dad to his 3-year-old daughter.

"Great feeling to be home. Definitely missed Cleveland," he added.