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September 19, 2012

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Hollywood and Dine

David was back in the kitchen, this time, with a recipe from Emily Blunt! He sat down with the stars of the new action film, “Looper,” and found out the secrets to Emily’s delicious lasagna. The key to the recipe is four different cheeses. It’s super easy to put together! Check out our video clips!

Find the recipe here!




Election Eating

We’re just about six weeks away from the presidential election and that could mean a problem for your waistline. Author of “50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food,” and Cleveland Clinic psychologist, Dr. Susan Albers was in studio today to explain. Dr. Susan explains that the strong emotions you may be feeling about the elections could result in overeating.

Here’s How to Avoid Election Eating:

1) Be Conscious of Your Feelings. If you find yourself emotionally eating, notice whether it could be triggered, even in part, by your emotions about the presidential campaigns. Being aware of where your feelings are coming from is key.

2) Focus on What You Can Control: The elections can bring up feelings of fear, hopeless and anxiety—particularly when it feels like the economy and the national debt are completely out of your hands. Instead, focus on your internal locus of control, what you do have power over, like getting your own finances in order and making a budget.

3) Replace Comfort Eating: If you are an emotional eater, be sure to replace eating with another soothing activities—a hot shower, cup of tea, massage (you can find more ideas in my book 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food).

4) Don’t Eat in Front of the TV. This is generally good advice any time of the year. But, if you are particularly prone to emotional eating, the TV ads and evening news are likely to stir up strong feelings that lead to comfort eating.

5) Carefully Choose Your News Source: If TV ads are upsetting, get your presidential campaign updates online. You can turn off or away from the news whenever you need to instead of being at the mercy of TV ads. Or, better yet, set your DVR or TiVo to skip over triggering media.


Great Clips Mini Makeover
With the fall season rapidly approaching, it’s time to update your ‘Do with some sideswept bangs! We went to Great Clips Salons for our mini makeover of the day.





School Stress Busters

With a brand new school season underway, you may notice a change in your child’s typical behavior. What’s normal and what isn’t? Here to help was Rhonda C. Martin, a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.

Rhonda gave us 10 warning signs that your child is not adjusting to the school year:

  • Complaints of Stomach Aches Before or After School.       
  • Creation of Rituals or More Rigid or Excessive Routines. 
  • Increased Cravings For White Flour Carbohydrates and White Sugar Based Foods.   
  • Significant Increase In Sibling Rivalry (which is usually higher in summer months).  
  • Unable to Fall Asleep at Bedtime After the Third Week of School.  
  • Increase in Unacceptable Choice of Words/Language.  
  • Remains Stuck on Minor Negative Events of Day vs. Focusing on Evening Activities/Play. 
  •  Intolerant of Interruptions, Directions, Transitions or Chores.  
  • Cannot Name Four Children He/She Likes at School.  
  • Cannot Be Comforted With Her Favorite Items. 


If your child is exhibiting any of these signs, the best course of action is to communicate with them and explore what they are feeling.





Old Country Sausage

When she’s not writing or teaching about food, she’s strolling through one of Ohio’s farmer’s markets discovering locally grown products. We welcomed food enthusiast, Marilou Suszko, to our kitchen today and she showed us where she had been checking out some great German sausage.


The best part? She brought back some sausage from her trip to the West Side Market and showed us how to make currywurst!

Check out the recipe here!





Dr. Bob: Carpal Tunnel Pain

If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from wrist and carpal tunnel pain, a “mouse trap,” may be to blame. Here to explain was Dr. Bob DeMaria. According to Dr. Bob, if your pain and carpal tunnel symptoms occur on both sides, it actually be caused by neck problems.

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Make Coffee House Drinks at Home

SPOILER ALERT! We revealed the trade secrets that your favorite coffee shop uses to make their products so irresistible. Paul Sykes, owner of Cravings Cafe gave us these tips:

  • Place pieces of dried egg shells in your coffee before brewing it. It takes out some of the bitterness for a smoother taste.
  • Add in a pinch of sea salt before brewing.
  • Never put your coffee beans in the refrigerator. It will lose some of its essential oils.
  • Never buy coffee grounds…the grounds do not stay fresh very long and you never know how long ago it was grounded.