Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant with Triplets?

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(Photo Credit: YouTube video still)

In today’s Web Video of the Day: Jennifer Aniston is caught on surveillance camera exposing her pregnant belly!

Well, not really.

The actress is, however, featured in a new video for Smartwater, which pokes fun at all the rumors she’s encountered over the years: pregnancy, work out habits and trendsetting hairstyles.

In the spoof, which has been viewed more than 577,000 on YouTube, Aniston appears on home “surveillance” video and reveals she’s pregnant with triplets!

Jimmy Kimmel then appears as her secret son, before Aniston hits the gym with four buff men who lift her up and down as she chats on the phone.

But the best part may be when Aniston takes a jab at the “Rachel” haircut mania. Make sure you watch the video until the end … it’s worth it!

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