Similar Child Lurings Reported in Lorain in Two Day Span

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(Image Credit: MGN Online)

LORAIN, Ohio — Two similar reports filed with Lorain Police about a man offering candy to children at school bus stops has authorities canvassing the area, searching for the suspect or suspects.

According to incident reports filed on Tuesday and Wednesday by Lorain Police, a male tried to lure children to come over to his vehicle by promising the children candy.

The first incident happened on September 11th, around 8:30 a.m. at G Street and Filmore Circle. The second incident happened on September 12th, at the corner of McKinley Street and Euclid Avenue. The time of the second incident was not stated in the report.

In both incident the child was waiting for a school bus. Both children did not go towards the vehicle and the suspect eventually fled.

According to the incident report, in the second attempted luring the suspect exited his car and the child ran from the area. The child hid until the suspect left.

The child in the first incident described the suspect as a Caucasian man with a mustache. The child estimated the man to be in his thirties.

The boy involved in the second incident described the suspect as an older Caucasian man with a red goatee and black hair.

Anyone with information on the suspect or suspects in the alleged crimes is being asked to contact Lorain Police.