September 13, 2012

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Comedian: Michael Kosta

Professional tennis player turned comedian, Michael joined Kristi for some laughs this morning. See him at Hilarities this weekend, September 13 – 16!




Cooking Sausage

Last time he was here we all snacked on blueberry sausage! Jim Dixon from Gibb’s Butcher Block was back with some great flavors for the fall season. Check out our video clip and watch him grill up some apple, bacon, pumpkin sausage for the New Day crew! Warning: It may make your mouth water.


Fall Candle Preview
Fall is in the air and you could really smell it in our studio! Megan Gallagher from Root Candles stopped by with some of fall’s hottest scents and decorations. Check out their beautiful demo on our video clip page!





Jimmy Malone’s Teacher

Jimmy Malone recently reunited with his 2nd grade teacher – Mr. Harriet Allen. She’s been doing great things since her teaching days; using her time to connect seniors with students in need in her knitting project. You should also check out Jimmy’s 2nd grade picture on our our video clip page!

If you would like to donate any yarn to Harriet’s knitting project – head to for more information.

You can also contact Harriet at





Moss at the Movies

Lots of action, time-travel, and twists in this edition of Moss at the Movies! David got an all-access look at the opening film for the Toronto Film Festival: “Looper.” It stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt: who both play the same character! This film definitely stays 3 steps of the audience, delivering plenty of twists. David got some star-studded interviews when he sat down with Levitt and Emily Blunt.

You can see Looper in theaters starting September 28th! Or stay tuned to New Day Cleveland next week for your chance to win tickets to a pre-screening of the film!





Skin Care as You Age

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when it comes to skin care. We know there are certain things your skin needs as you age, so we broke skin care down into decades. Dr. Brandie Tackett from Associates in Dermatology joined us to talk skin care in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

In your 20’s:

  • Dr. Tackett’s best advice? Start using sunscreen! It will prevent skin damage down the road that shows up in the form of brown spots and wrinkles.
  • Many people in their 20’s still experience adult acne – even if they didn’t as a teenager. Switching to an acne based cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide should help.


In your 30’s:

  • You may start to notice fine lines or broken blood vessels from the sun.
  • People in their 30’s notice dryer skin and should switch to mild cleansers and thicker moisturizers.


In your 40’s:

  • Your face loses collagen in your 40’s and brown spots can occur.
  • Correct hyper-pigmentation by going to your dermatologist for a laser treatment.
  • The number one anti-aging collagen stimulator is still Retin-A, this is a must have product for almost anyone in this age group unless you have sensitive skin.




Funky Junk

We visited this cute boutique in Seville that re-purposes antiques into great new gifts!