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North Ridgeville Considers Bow Hunting to Thin Herd

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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio — Deer overpopulation in one Lorain County Community has city leaders considering allowing bow hunting to thin the herd. There has been an increase in deer-car collision in the North Ridgeville. The Service Department responded to 60 deer strikes last year, and has surpassed that number already this year.

The proposed ordinance would allow bow hunting of deer on five or more acres of land, with the owner’s permission. And, the bow hunter would have to shoot from a deer stand at least eight-feet off the ground.

North Ridgeville resident Helen Dick agrees there is deer overpopulation problem, but has some concerns with the ordinance.

“I’m not against it. I’m just afraid that there won’t be a responsible person up there shooting,” said Dick. “And, what are they going to do with the carcasses,”

Dick also expressed concern over when the bow hunting would be done and the possibility that children might see it.

Her neighbor, Gilbert Reising, had no reservations about the bow hunting measure.

“I certainly hope it goes through. I’m totally in favor of it,” said Reising. “It is going to take a good while to deplete that herd.”

The first reading of the deer bow hunting ordinance goes before North Ridgeville City Council on Monday.