WATCH: Cedar Point Ride Crashes Down

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The Space Spiral after demolition. (Courtesy: Cedar Point)

SANDUSKY, Ohio — A longstanding Cedar Point attraction crashed to the ground early on Wednesday morning after decades of taking riders high into the air to experience and view the park from a supreme vantage point.

At 7:30 a.m., a short blast and a small puff of black smoke signaled the end of the Space Spiral.

*Watch the video above to see the demolition…*

According to Annie Zelm, the marketing programs representative for Cedar Point, contractors worked with the maintenance staff to cut into the base of the ride to weaken it.

Then ten pounds of explosives brought the 330-foot tower down.

A hole was dug in a precalculated ‘fall zone’ to cushion the impact of the cabin area.

Remnants of the ride will be included in Cedar Point’s Ride Graveyard during HalloWeekends this fall.

The Space Spiral had been in operation since 1965 and closed on Aug. 14 to prepare for demolition.

It was removed to make room for construction on the GateKeeper, Cedar Point’s first winged coaster that is expected to break records.

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