Work Zone Death: Speed Limit Wasn’t Lowered

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AVON, Ohio – A highway construction worker was killed after he was struck by a vehicle during rush hour Wednesday morning.

A sub-contractor hired to paint on I-90 westbound in Avon was killed inside a construction zone after being hit by a vehicle just after 9 a.m., police said.

The Lorain County coroner has not released the man’s identity.

“Two vehicles struck each other, one of those vehicles lost control then striking a construction worker within the construction zone,” Sgt. Robert Olds with the Avon Police Department said.

After the crash, another man wearing a yellow safety vest and covered in paint could be seen inside the crash zone looking sad while talking to police.

Fox 8 News has learned the man who was killed worked for Athos Painting, a private company.

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According to an Ohio Department of Transportation spokeswoman, the sub-contractor who was killed was putting up tarps for structural painting when he was struck by one of the two vehicles in the crash.

He was taken to the hospital where he died.

“Right now we are still investigating the accident. We are not sure who is at fault,” Olds said.

Olds said they are not sure if speed was a factor, but they do not believe drugs or alcohol was involved.

Neither of the men who were driving the vehicles was injured, Olds said.

“The speed limit through there is still 65, unfortunately there are signs posted that it is a construction zone and that you should slow down, but that’s up to each and every driver,” Olds said.

Many times in construction zones the speed limit is lowered, but in this case, on this stretch of road, it was not.

“Pay special attention to what you are doing within those zones because those guys are out there, they are doing a very hazardous job... they just have plastic barrels protecting them and in this case it didn’t help,” Olds said.

Police do not know if any charges will be filed against either of the drivers until the investigation is complete.