Man Throws Unknown Liquid in Judge’s Face

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By Kate Burgess, KCPQ

OLYMPIA, Washington — A man knocked on the door of Thurston County District Court Judge Brett Buckley’s home, tossed an unknown clear liquid into the face of the judge when he opened the door and then walked away without saying a word, authorities said Tuesday.

Buckley initially felt no reaction from the liquid when the incident occurred at about 9:25 p.m. Monday, but later went to the hospital with irritated skin. He was released after treatment.

“At this point we have no idea whether he was attacked because he is a judge, or something in his personal life, or whether it was just a random attack completely,” Olympia police spokeswoman Laura Wohl said. “The individual who did throw the substance said nothing and have no indication as to why he was choosing Judge Buckley as his victim.”

The judge, who handles mostly misdemeanor criminal cases and heads up the mental health division, told police, he didn`t recognize his attacker, and no one in his courtroom has been particularly upset with a verdict.

“It`s always worrisome when it involves our judiciary,” Wohl said. “We don`t want our judges being intimidated or harmed in any way.”

Security has been beefed up at the courthouse and other judges warned to be on alert.

“We have no reason to believe other judges could be attacked, but certainly when something unusual like this happens, we have a heightened awareness for the safety of our judges,” she said.

Buckley described the suspect as a man with a dark complexion and dark hair who was in his 20s or 30s. He was believed to be about 6-foot. The man had a short beard, a maroon-colored knit cap, a dark sweater and light-colored khaki pants.

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