Hudson, Medina Named Top Cities in America for Youth

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HUDSON, Ohio — If you’re looking for a great community to raise a child, you won’t have to look far.

Medina and Hudson are being named two of the “100 Best Communities for Young People” by the America’s Promise Alliance.

This marks the third year for the City of Hudson to nab the award.

“It doesn’t surprise me. It delights me,” said Hudson Mayor Bill Currin. “Hopefully, it’ll be perpetual because we’re not going to stop what we’re doing. We’re going to continue to enhance what we’re doing.”

The award recognizes the city for its outstanding achievements with youth health and reducing the student dropout. About 94 percent of Hudson students will complete their high school education.

“We believe in developing the whole child,” said Phil Herman, assistant superintendent for Hudson schools “Extracurricular opportunities are an essential portion of that, and having opportunities for our students to engage is a really important part of that too.”

This year, the community and students have come together on a number of projects, including the construction on multimillion-dollar athletic fields for the middle school and high school. The projects were fully funded by the community – no tax dollars.

“Youth is our promise for the future,” Currin said, “And if we don’t try to provide the appropriate foundation for them as they move forward, and I don’t mean just on education, which is clearly a priority, but it’s also a balanced life, we get them involved in our town.”

Local partnerships have also helped plug students into city government through internships and others boards to help improve the city.

“Hudson is just a great place to live for anybody. You can be one of the youngest or one of the oldest, it really doesn’t matter, said 7th grade student Morgan McLaughlin. “I love downtown. It’s just a cool little place where kids can go after school and hang out. I love the library downtown. It’s one of the best places in Hudson in my opinion.”

“The community really works together,” added Laura Gasbarro, co-director of Hudson Community First. “It’s not only for the youth, but for the community at large and that’s why we win this award every year, and we hope to continue to do that.”

The City of Hudson won a $2,500 grant for the contest. That money will be spent on a city celebration in late October.