Cedar Point to Demolish Longstanding Ride

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SANDUSKY, Ohio — Guests will no longer be able to enjoy one of the best views of Cedar Point as the park prepares for its first winged coaster.

The Space Spiral, which had been in operation since 1965, gave riders a panoramic view from 285 feet.

It will be demolished this week while the park is closed, then parts of it will be featured in the Cedar Point Ride Graveyard during HalloWeekends this fall.

The Space Spiral remnants will be among parts of past attractions like the Rotor, Pirate Ride and Earthquake.

“Cedar Point’s leaders remain committed to offering new, innovative thrills as they plan for GateKeeper— set to break world records next year— and other future developments,” said Annie Zelm, the marketing programs representative for the park, in an email to Fox 8 News.

While in operation, the Space Spiral gave nearly 34 million rides.

The GateKeeper was scheduled to debut in May of next year and is 4,164 feet long featuring a 164 foot drop.

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