Neighbors Want Change After Truck Hits House

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STREETSBORO, Ohio — A two vehicle crash sent a truck careening into a Streetsboro house. 

The homeowners and her neighbors said this is more proof that something needs to be done in what they consider a high accident area.

Becky Mohr was called home from work on Friday evening to find her house destroyed after a wayward truck rammed into it. 

“And there is literally a truck right here in the side of my house where I am standing. My porch was underneath the truck,” Mohr said. 

Streetsboro police said a truck and a minivan collided at the intersection of State Route 43 and Tinkers Green Drive. 

The truck continued across the street, bouncing several times off of Mohr’s house.

She said only her dog Princess was inside at the time.  

“She was just shaking, very confused. I don’t know where she was in the house when it happened,” Mohr admitted.

She fears what might have happened had she been home. 

The area around her bedroom was severely damaged.

“I could have been in that bedroom at that time and not standing here talking to you,” she told Fox 8 News reporter Maria Scali on Saturday.

Mohr and her neighbors are concerned because they said there have been other serious accidents at this intersection. 

Wendy Fredd lives in the corner lot across from Mohr in the Camelot Mobile Home Village. 

She said she and her family narrowly escaped injury from a speeding vehicle. 

“It’s very scary. This is the third accident since we’ve lived here — third bad one.  One actually was facing our house, it just hit a snow bank over here.  Another one involved a school bus,” Fredd said. 

Ben Zaremba said what happened to Mohr’s house almost happened to his home last year. 

“We have absolutely no protection from the highway,” Zaremba said. “Our home right next door was hit by somebody that flew out into the intersection from the development across the street and careened off of a van and barely missed our gas meter.” 

These residents hope city and state leaders will see that something needs to be done.

“This 50 miles an hour here is too fast.  They need to do something.  They need to put guard rails or something up, a street light — something.  They need to slow this down,” Fredd added. 

The driver of the truck, a 48-year-old Streetsboro woman, was injured. 

She remained in satisfactory condition at Akron City Hospital on Saturday night. 

Police said the cause of the accident is under investigation, but that it appears alcohol played a role in the crash.