Obama on Lessons Learned Since 9/11

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By Gregory Wallace, CNN

(CNN) — President Barack Obama marked the anniversary of the September 11th attacks in his Saturday weekly address, reflecting on the lessons learned in the 11 years since.

Although the attacks killed nearly 3,000 in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, Obama said the country has emerged stronger and noted that the mastermind, “Osama bin Laden will never threaten America again.”

The president has proclaimed Tuesday, the anniversary, Patriot Day and the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

In his weekly address, Obama said the country has “strengthened our alliances while improving our security here at home.” He emphasized that the war is against “al Qaeda and its affiliates,” and that the country “will never be at war with Islam or any other religion.”

He honored the military legacy of those who joined the U.S. military after the attacks and those who have given back to their communities.

“Instead of changing who we are, the attacks have brought out the best in the American people,” Obama said.

Obama also acknowledged that the war in Iraq ended under his leadership and that “by the end 2014, the transition in Afghanistan will be complete and our war there will be over,” points he often brings up on the campaign trail.