September 6, 2012

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What better way to celebrate 10 great years with Pickwick and Frolic than by bringing a big name comedian on? Host of The Marriage Ref, Tom Papa stopped by, along with the owner of Pickwick and Frolic, Nick Kostis. Find Tom at Hilarities this weekend, September 6-8!

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Pickwick and Frolic: 10 Year Anniversary!

This Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of Pickwick and Frolic on East Fourth Street! To get the scoop on all the festivities, owner Nick Kostis, joined Kristi and David on the set. There are some great 10 dollar deals happening, but you have to act fast!

Today only, (September 6th) you can enjoy:

  • $10 General admission for Tom Papa’s stand-up.
  • $10 Bottles of red and white wine
  • $10 Martini’s for two
  • $10 Food specials
  • $10 Glasses of Moet Imperial
  • $10 Gift cards randomly handed out to be used at your next visit
  • 10% Off your bill
  • Sparking Toast at 10 p.m.


Also, don’t miss their special Happy Hours. $5 appetizers and pizza will be offered Tuesday-Friday from 3-6 p.m.


Pickwick and Frolic: In the Kitchen

As if the great entertainment and savings weren’t enough to head to East Fourth Street this weekend, David went behind the scenes to watch where the real magic happens! He met up with Executive Chef, Ken Sherepita to find out what makes their food so good. Check out our video clip!





Pickwick and Frolic: History

Continuing the celebration, owner of Pickwick and Frolic, Nick Kostis, told us a little history on how it all started. The building stands on the site of what was once The Euclid Opera House, built in the 1800’s. Pickwick and Frolic opened September 6, 2002, which ironically is the same day the Opera House opened in 1875 (127 years ago).




 Mike Polk: Sponsor Me

As if this day could get any more entertaining, we added Mike Polk into the mix. He stopped by to help celebrate Pickwick’s 10th Anniversary, and to do a little promoting….of himself. Check out his newest video in today’s clips!





Your Health Today

“Back to School” means parents are cracking down on bedtimes for kids. But how do you know if your child has a good sleep routine? Here with some tips was Dr. Jyoti Krishna from the Cleveland Clinic.

  • Remember “9, 10, 11.” Teenagers usually need 9 hours of sleep per night. Elementary students need about 10 and Preschoolers require about 11 hours of sleep. 
  • It is better to have children go to sleep earlier at night, rather than take naps when they get home from school.
  • Exercise about 3 hours before bed will help them sleep better.





Moss at the Movies

David highlighted some great new films coming out. Take a look!




Death by China

“Death by China” is a documentary feature which confronts the most urgent problem facing America today – its increasingly destructive economic trade relationship with a rapidly rising China.

It’s author and filmmaker, Peter Navarro, joined us in studio to talk about the importance of this film, especially during the current election year. Peter explains how the documentary exposes how the U.S. and China relationship is broken and must be fixed.

“Death by China” plays at the Cedar Lee Theatre on September 8th at 7:35 p.m. Buy tickets at