Manager Strapped With Bomb, Forced to Rob Own Bank

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EAST LOS ANGELES — A bank manager was kidnapped, strapped with what she thought was a bomb, then forced to rob her own bank, KTLA reported.

The woman said two masked men with guns approached her in front of her Huntington Park, California home where they put a device around her waist.

They told her they could detonate it remotely, and ordered her to drive her own vehicle to the bank she manages in East Los Angeles.

According to KTLA, she was then instructed to open the safe and throw money out of the back of the building.

The men reportedly got away with a “significant amount of cash.”

A robot was used to destroy the device that was strapped to the woman, and it was determined it was not a bomb.

The woman was put into protective custody and was not believed to be an accomplice.