Fundraiser Supports Fan Taken Out at Ball Game

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LAKE COUNTY, Ohio -- Nine-year-old Tiyler McNeely’s hair is growing in and starting to cover the deep scar on the side of her head from when doctors literally rebuilt that side of her skull.

"Her skull was just kind of demolished in the shape of a baseball imprint. It just cracked it all over and it was in a bunch of pieces," her mother, Tristan Lawson, said.

On Aug. 5, the Concord Twp. girl was at the Lake County Captains baseball game with her family when a foul ball struck her in the side of her head.

During an emergency surgery, doctors put ten plates and 38 staples in her head, her mother said.

Flash forward a month, McNeely’s staples are out, her sight is back in her right eye and she's well on the road to recovery, still with pain, but no known permanent damage.

"I get headaches almost every day," McNeely said.

Thursday evening, dozens of people packed the Stadium Grill in Mentor for a fundraiser for her medical bills.

Financially, McNeely was injured at the worst possible time; her mother had just switched jobs and the new health insurance has not kicked in yet, Lawson said.

They are buying insurance for $900 a month until the new insurance takes effect.

The Lake County Captains have also been there for McNeely.

"They were able to raise $1,500 for us, that they brought us, which was fabulous. Every bit helps," Lawson said.

She has to take it slow while she heals.

"I am not allowed to ride my bike," McNeely said.

No running, no trampoline.

As for attending baseball games?

"[I’m] very leery. I don't see them in the near future," Lawson said.