Tour the Med Mart and Convention Center

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CLEVELAND – On Wednesday, developers took the media on a tour of the $465 million Medical Mart and Convention Center (MMCC) project.

By next summer, the 235,000 square foot Medical Mart building will be open two-months ahead of schedule.  According to the project manager, the outside is made to look like strands of DNA because the building will be a showroom for the latest merchandise and medical technology.

John Dewine from Turner Construction said the facility will be top-notch. 

“It will rank right up there at the top in another 10 months,” Dewine said.

The adjoining convention center, being constructed underground between the Medical Mart and Public Hall, consists of 230,000 square feet of floor space. 

“You’re gonna see all kinds of different uses for that facility and it’s a first of its kind.  And why Cleveland?  Because this is the nation’s medical capital,” said Dave Johnson from Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc., the project developer and manager.

“There’s definitely still room available, because again, our leasing team is working, not only on the quantity, but on the quality and we’re relying on the healthcare experts,” said Johnson.

As many as 600 construction workers are on the site, on any given day, working on the project.  “There’s 3.5 million feet of wire, there’s 17,358 light fixtures, there was 233,000 bolts to tighten the structure,” said Dewine.

The MMCC is on pace to open next summer in time to host its first event, the National Senior Games, which will bring 35,000 people to the city.