Man Vandalizes Senior Center with Pick-up Truck

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WILLOUGHBY, Ohio — Authorities say a man driving a pick-up truck vandalized and destroyed property at the Willoughby Senior Center Saturday evening.

Willoughby Police arrested Eastlake resident Ryan Christoph, 24, for felony vandalism, possession of criminal tools and possession of harmful intoxicants.

Police say the department began receiving 911 calls from concerned motorists around 7:42 p.m. to report a red Ford pick-up truck going eastbound on SR 84 around SR 91. Reports say the truck was driving recklessly–nearly colliding with several vehicles on the same road–then entered the senior center parking lot and baseball field.

Officers arriving on scene say they found smoke and dust in the air around the senior center and homes surrounding the center, however the truck had already left the scene. Police noted several wooden and chain link fences damaged from the pick-up truck allegedly running over them. They say they later discovered the pick-up appeared to have damaged the northwest corner of the senior center building.

Willoughby police found Christoph traveling eastbound on Euclid Avenue in downtown Willoughby, and stopped the pick-up on Erie Street. Reports say while being taken to the police department, Christoph became combative with officers, made threats and attempted to break out of the cruiser. Christoph also claimed to have been injured after falling out of his truck and was taken to Lake West Medical Center, where he was also combative with medical staff.

Christoph is currently being held without bond at the Lake County jail. He will be arraigned Tuesday at Willoughby Municipal Court.