Man Sues Orthodontist After Braces Left On For 11 Years

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PORTLAND, Oregon — Braces are a necessary evil. They are often uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to clean, but their results are amazing.

But the results for one Oregon man were horrific, in fact the results were enough to spark a lawsuit.

According to a report, 22-year-old Devin Bost has filed a lawsuit against his orthodontist after allegedly being made to wear braces for 11 years.

The lawsuit alleges, according to the report, that Bost has suffered permanent tooth, mouth and gum injuries due to wearing the braces from the age of 7 to 18.

According to the report, Bost’s attorney says that his client will need to have several teeth removed and replaced with implants as a result of the braces.

Read the full report, and find out just how much Bost is requesting in compensation.