August 28, 2012

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Lobster Bake

Forget your traditional clam bake! This morning Euclid Fish joined up with New Day Cleveland for a lobster bake!

Check out some great tips for having your own lobster bake here!




It means heaven of tea and after one sip, you’ll know why! New Day Cleveland checked out the latest sensation in tea: a shop called Teavana. In addition to some great taste testing, we learned the benefits that different teas offer.

  • White, highest in antioxidants, good for skin and complexion
  • Green, also high in antioxidants, also will help to boost immune system
  • Oolong, helps to aid in digestion, a good diet tea
  • Black, heart healthy tea good for blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Mate, boost metabolism and curbs appetite
  • Rooibos, helps to combat allergies
  • Herbal, full of vitamins and minerals and also high in antioxidants


Warren County Preview

Halfway between Dayton and Cincinnati lies “Ohio’s Largest Playground.” We head to Warren County for some outdoor canoe adventures in this sneak peek of our upcoming road trip! Stay tuned for the hour long version of the Warren County road trip on Friday!




Neighborhood Preview

For the second half of New Day Cleveland, we handed over the reins to our very own cameraman, Herb Thomas, who is the brains behind the show “Neighborhood.” The idea behind the show is that every address has a story; some are touching, some are uplifting, and others are inspiring. “Neighborhood” is produced quarterly with a new one currently in the works!


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