Emotional Start to Chardon’s Season

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CHARDON, Ohio – It was an emotional first game of the high school football season at Chardon High School.

"It’s really exciting because everybody is coming together,” said Megan Stark, a sophomore.

This year, the football helmets for Chardon High School now have a black ribbon on them in memory of the school shooting that claimed the lives of three students and inured three others in February.

*Click here for coverage of the tragedy...

Before the game, an announcer thanked the rival team and students for their support.

“The West Geauga school community was one such neighbor that helped us in our time of need,” the announcer said, in part.

After, people in the stands gave a standing ovation to the students and staff from West Geauga High.

“It’s going to be an emotional game like any other game but maybe a bit higher,” said Lou Cirino, the head West Geauga High School football coach.

Chardon High School Principal Andy Fetchik said they did not have a public moment of silence because it is not so much a memorial to the boys killed, but a remembrance of the event.

“So rather than just having and remembering the event we are going to memorialize those guys by dedicating our school year and moving forward,” Fetchik said.

He and some Chardon students said things are getting back to normal.

“We’re just a big family here and we stick together,” said senior Madeline Finkle.

“It feels like a Friday night like it’s supposed to,” Fetchik said.