Browns Fans Party in Muni Lot Despite Warning

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CLEVELAND -- There was a sea of orange and brown at the Municipal Parking Lot in downtown Cleveland as Browns fans partied before Friday night's Browns game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

"We love this city, we love the Cleveland Browns and this is what we do.  Tailgating is just a part of the game day experience," said Strongsville resident Jason Darwish.

Tailgaters spent most of the morning and afternoon playing games like beer keg bowling, beer pong and indulging in alcohol, even if it meant they were breaking the law. 

This week, Cleveland Police put new signs up in the lot, reminding fans about a law already on the books prohibiting alcohol and alcohol consumption on city property.

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"This is so the city can't get sued if somebody falls down and busts their head open," said Mike Bonnell of Canton.

An annual staple at the Muni Lot is Scott Nunnari's "Browns Party Bus" filled with football memorabilia, fans and plenty of booze.

Nunnari said, "Last year, I don't think we were worse than any other year and I think we actually enforced not having a bunch of jerks around here.  Our job is to keep people causing trouble off the bus."

Police said they have cited and arrested individuals in the past for violating the law and they don't have a problem doing it again the future, as the football season officially gets underway.

The Cleveland Browns host the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday at 7:30 p.m.