Vandals Damage 35 Cars at Local Dealership

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AKRON, Ohio -- From affordable compacts to luxury SUVs, dozens of vehicles are damaged by vandals at a local car dealership.

"You come over to this Kia, I mean it's obvious they stomped on this one pretty good here, stomped on this one pretty good here," explained general manager Joe Dyer.

Dyer surveyed the damage done to about 35 cars at the Dave Walter Volkswagon dealership on West Exchange Street in Akron. Akron police say vandals struck sometime early Sunday morning. They seriously dented the hoods and roofs on some vehicles and spray painted others with orange paint.

The cars were new and used, including a Volkswagon Jetta, a Cadillac, a Range Rover.  The G-M says the vehicles were temporarily parked at a nearby detailing lot while the main parking lot was being resurfaced.

"It's a little personal, once in a while, you get a car keyed and things like that, but you know, when you get 35 cars, you feel like someone's out to attack you," Dyer said.

Akron police took fingerprints and footprints from the vehicles and they're asking anyone who may have any information about who the vandals could be to contact them.

"We're talking to the police and stuff and they think it was probably some kids or something of that nature, so you know, I feel like we just got caught in a bad spot," said Dyer.

He says the dealership has been in town for forty years and he's never seen anything like this happen before.  He believes the damage could be well over $150,000 dollars.

"We've been serving Akron a long time, we're one of the biggest stores around here and it just hurts. You feel like your home has been invaded a little bit," Dyer said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Akron police.

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