Carjacking Suspects Lead Police on Chase, Crash Car

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AVON, Ohio -- Two suspects are in custody after leading police on a chase through several towns following a carjacking that started in Avon, then ended at a Westlake apartment complex.

An Avon woman was opening up a day care center when she was punched in the face by one of the suspects. Her Ford Taurus was then taken by force. She made a frantic call to 911.

"I was getting out of my car to open the day care. (Ok is the person still around?)
No, he took off in my car and he took my keys."

While trying to get away, the carjacker crashed into a Ford pickup at the intersection of Bassett and Detroit roads injuring a 54-year-old Westlake man. The man was transported to Saint John Medical Center with injuries to his face, back and arms.

The stolen Ford Taurus ran into an apartment complex wall, and that's when the two juvenile male suspects fled on foot.

Greg DeSena, the Bassett apartment resident, heard the crash then heard glass breaking in his apartment.

"We heard a crash that we thought probably could have been thunder turned out that it had been this car that had been stolen. Wery shortly thereafter we heard another crash, we knew that wasn't thunder somebody breaking into our window."

Greg DeSena and his wife Amanda called 911.

"(Is there somebody in your apartment?)  I think so I saw him break in through the window and my husband is out looking right now I don't know where this guy is."

The Westlake couple didn't know if the suspect was still in their apartment so they searched and found him lying on the floor of their 13-month-old son's bedroom, who luckily was staying at grandma's house. 

Amanda DeSena says "We followed this trail of blood into the nursery and all of a sudden see this man on his back next to my son's crib with his hands in the air and I started screaming to my husband, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God he is in here!’ and we started running and he started hobbling after us."

Westlake police entered the apartment and fought with the suspect, who they tasered after he tried to reach for a kitchen knife. The second suspect, who ran from the scene, was later caught in Westlake at the Hunters Chase apartment complex.

Police say they closed down the Bassett School as a precaution until they caught the second suspect a couple hours later.

Even though the suspects were arrested the DeSena family says they were pretty shaken up.

"You never think that something like this is gonna happen to you. We live in a nice quiet town like Westlake; you don't see things like this happening here.”

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