Dimora’s Co-Defendant Gabor Sentenced

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AKRON, Ohio — Receipts from a Las Vegas trip, squabbling over work hours and the bribing of a local judge to rig a divorce, were just some of the arguments that highlighted the morning session in the sentencing hearing for Michael Gabor.

U.S. Federal Court Judge Sara Lioi sentenced the convicted co-defendant of former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora to 121 months in prison.

Gabor, a former auditor’s office employee with the Weights & Measurement Department, was found guilty on nine of 10 corruption related crimes including accepting bribes.

Dimora was sentenced to 28 years in prison for his crimes earlier this month.

Judge Lioi heard arguments from prosecutors of inside access that Gabor had during his time as a member of Dimora’s inner-circle.

“Clearly Mr. Gabor is an insider and was a true confidant to Mr. Dimora and Mr. Russo,” said Lioi.

In the forfeiture phase of sentencing Tuesday morning, Gabor turned over his $27,000 county pension, and must payback, among other things, over $118,000 in salary for work that was not performed. 

Lioi and U.S. Assistant Prosecutors Antoinette Bacon agreed that Gabor performed just 10 hours a week of work during his seven-year stint working under Frank Russo.