Life-Saving Delivery: Mail Carrier Rescues Woman

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STREETSBORO, Ohio -- A Streetsboro postal carrier is being called a hero after discovering an injured woman on her mail route. The woman had fallen at her home and no one came to her rescue for more than 2 days.

The postal carrier of 24 years was just making her regular Monday mail deliveries last month when she heard screams of help coming from Katherine Lorencz, 64, who lives on Page Road in Streetsboro.

"She yelled, she said ‘Oh my mail lady, my mail lady, I knew you'd be the one that would find me’," says letter carrier Kathy Frampton, "I looked and I saw a leg so I got real nervous, so I stopped and got out of my truck. She said she had fallen several days ago and I was real concerned. I said can I call 911 and she yes I need a doctor."

Katherine Lorenz had fallen in a corner of her garage and couldn't get up. Frampton says the last time she saw Lorencz was on Saturday before discovering her Monday, so for two days Lorencz was exposed to the elements. She had a badly injured leg, was dehydrated, sunburned and didn't know how long she had been there. 

Lorencz's grandson, Robert Clancy says because of Frampton's help his grandmother is alive today.

"Absolutely I think the mail carrier is a hero. She actually stopped and seen her on the ground unlike everybody else, they kinda just gone by that day and nobody seen her."

Some people and co-workers are calling Kathy Frampton a hero, but she's being modest about the rescue. She says she did what anyone would have done if they saw someone who needed emergency help.  

"She really could have been there along time and I would have felt horrible if something would have happened to her, so if I’m a hero I guess that's what a hero is."

Frampton says Lorencz is still recovering from her fall and hopes she'll be home soon because she's getting a lot of mail.